Source code for marshmallow_sqlalchemy.fields

import warnings

from marshmallow import fields
from marshmallow.utils import is_iterable_but_not_string
from sqlalchemy import inspect
from sqlalchemy.orm.exc import NoResultFound

[docs] def get_primary_keys(model): """Get primary key properties for a SQLAlchemy model. :param model: SQLAlchemy model class """ mapper = model.__mapper__ return [mapper.get_property_by_column(column) for column in mapper.primary_key]
def ensure_list(value): return value if is_iterable_but_not_string(value) else [value]
[docs] class RelatedList(fields.List):
[docs] def get_value(self, obj, attr, accessor=None): # Do not call `fields.List`'s get_value as it calls the container's # `get_value` if the container has `attribute`. # Instead call the `get_value` from the parent of `fields.List` # so the special handling is avoided. return super(fields.List, self).get_value(obj, attr, accessor=accessor)
[docs] class Nested(fields.Nested): """Nested field that inherits the session from its parent."""
[docs] def _deserialize(self, *args, **kwargs): if hasattr(self.schema, "session"): self.schema.session = self.root.session self.schema.transient = self.root.transient return super()._deserialize(*args, **kwargs)